You Don't Have to Have it All Figured Out

Hello lovelies and welcome or welcome back to my blog. The past month or so has been crazy...heck, the past year has been something, hasn't it?

I haven't had a whole lot of time to blog lately, but I felt inspired to write this post today, and I hope you enjoy and/or that it helps you in some way.

Today I want to talk to you and let you know, you don't have to have it all figured out.

What exactly am I talking about? Life! You don't have to have everything in your life figured out! There's so much pressure to do and be so many things in life that sometimes we forget to just live and exist and be and enjoy what we have or what's around us.

There's pressure from society to go to school or to have a house by a certain age. There's pressure from friends or family to be involved in certain things or to have reached certain achievements. I could go on all day about expectations from everyone and everything, but that's not what I want to do. I want you to know it's okay if you're lost, confused, or don't have a plan. There's no perfect formula you have to know.

And in my opinion, you can't make anything happen. I'm not saying this to upset or scare you but to be helpful. Get rid of the idea that you have to make it happen.

I'm one of the most motivated and hard-working people I know. If I could have made something happen or reached the pinnacle of my success by now, I would. But the point is, life doesn't work that way.

I've tried to make things happen by doing or saying certain things or by manifestation, and I've definitely had a lot of things in my life happen so far that I've wanted, but have things turned out exactly the way I planned them to or envisioned them? Not exactly.

There are things I've wanted that have come true, but there are a lot of things that are different from the way I envisioned them, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

A lot of the things that I envisioned that are different are actually better than I anticipated.

God's plans for me have always been better than anything I could or can come up with, and that's why I don't have to have anything figured out.

I trust and believe and have faith, and that gets me through.

Don't be hard on yourself. Relax, and trust the process. And have fun!

Even the people who say that they have it figured out or think they have it all figured out don't because you can do all the prepping and planning you want, but you can't stop life from happening.

Enjoy your journey and make the best of every moment. You can still achieve your goals and dreams. The outcome may just be a little different than you anticipated--it may be far better.

I hope you enjoyed and/or that this post helped you in some way.

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Thank you for reading,

R'Nelle CyRe' XX

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