Why I’m Not Buying Any New Clothing in Quarantine

Updated: May 1

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today's post is all about why I'm not buying any new clothing during quarantine--or trying not to at least. I hope you enjoy!

I like wearing basics and wearing the same things over again. I used to want something different to wear every single day, but now that I'm older, my style is much more simple.

I like what I like to wear, and I don't mind if many of my looks look alike.

At the same time, there are some new pieces I want and feel I need to add to my wardrobe so that I don't completely wear out my favorite pieces and so that I have a little variety for when I want it. The thing I'm working on is deciding on when to get these pieces.

A lot of brands are doing sales right now and I'm sure we all can figure out why. The first instinct of a lot of people may be to jump right on those sales. I considered if I should do it myself. What's stopped me has been the reality of what's going on in the world.

My routine staying at home is much different than it was when I didn't spend a lot of time at home. I pretty much eat the same and workout, but my workouts are different. There are things that are the same and things that are different.

What I'm trying to say is that we don't really know how long this new normal will go on. If I make new purchases, I want to purchase things that I can use now and in the future. I don't want to buy a bunch of summer dresses when summer is right around the corner and things are still concerning outside.

When is the next season where we'll be out spending time with friends? I'm not trying to make things heavy--I just don't want to buy a bunch of clothing that's just going to sit in my closet until I don't know when because I'm not wearing it.

I also can't guarantee I'll be the exact same size when quarantine is over and don't want to buy a bunch of clothing or restrictive pieces that won't fit the way I want them to later. I've been on the ends of both spectrums where I've purchased things that were too tight later or too loose down the line after purchasing.

I also want to be mindful of what I'm spending on. I want to have fun and purchase things that I enjoy, but I don't want to be wasteful either and spend money on things I'm not using that could have been used on more useful things.

I can't say 100% that I won't buy new clothes in quarantine, but if I do, I'll be mindful of my purchases and how much use they'll actually be to me during this time and how practical they will be for the future.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed and that this post helped you in some way.

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