The Honey Pot Company Review

Hello lovelies and welcome or welcome back to my blog! In today's post, I'm sharing my first impressions on The Honey Pot Company. Enjoy!

Firstly, I want to apologize, as when I first shared this, my blog post was not loaded for some reason, and there were only photos. I have just rewritten everything, so thank you for your patience!

The Honey Pot Company is a Black-owned feminine care brand. I'm very particular when it comes to my feminine care, and I haven't been satisfied with a lot of the products I've tried, so I wanted to take a chance on something new.

I was drawn to this company as it's Black-owned and women-owned, and I'm working on investing in products/companies that matter to me and that are doing good.

This brand has various feminine care products that I'd like to try in the future, but today's post is just on their herbal menstrual pads.

I'd never heard of such a thing, and let me tell you, these pads are unlike any pads I've ever experienced.

First off, upon opening the package, I was overwhelmed by the amazing smell. They smell fresh and incredible. The smell is strong but not too much, and it lasts while wearing the pad.

Second, this pad comes with a feeling. Have you ever brushed your teeth and used mouth wash and then drank a cold glass of water right after? That's what this pad feels like to me when I first put it exaggeration.

It's quite a sensation. At first, I was alarmed and thought I was having an allergic reaction to it, but then I looked at the package and remembered that they're infused with mint for 'cooling', and I was able to relax.

It's definitely different if you're not used to it, but I was able to adjust to the feeling, and it felt quite relaxing after a while and became something I looked forward to.

These pads are also very affordable. For a 20 count pack, I only spent $8. Plus, I'm supporting a good brand, so it was worth it, especially for what I got.

Out of all the pads I've tried, these are the only ones I truly feel keep me feeling fresh which is super important.

This product is a 10/10 for me.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed and/or that this post helped you in some way.

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