How to Stay Calm and Healthy During Quarantine

Updated: Apr 25

I feel like I've said this a lot lately, but being inside all the time is hard. As I write this, I've had a very frustrating day. Sometimes my frustration with a certain thing gets mixed with me being upset with being inside.

It's in those moments where I have to reflect on what's going on and evaluate how much of my energy the frustrating thing deserves and what’s really causing it. I have to calm myself down and realize that a lot of my frustration has to do with the current situation and that I need to make time to relax and rejuvenate myself.

There are a few things that help me from time-to-time to relax that are even more important to me during quarantine. I am not a doctor or anything like that, so please consult a medical professional for any medical advice. These are just things that help me that I wanted to share.

For one, I love pampering myself. Taking a steamy shower then putting on a body cream and fragrance mist makes me feel clean and glamorous.

I also love Korean sheet masks, and I feel like my skin looks much more glowy after using them. I wash my face before using the sheet masks for the best results.

I used to use face cream, but face mists help me feel refreshed and like I'm at my own little spa. There's this lavender one I use by St. Ives that is my tried and true face mist. I also really like this one by Murad, but it's a little pricier (this one is my holy grail though).

Just breathing also helps me recenter. There is a Breathe app on the Apple Watch with reminders to take a minute to breathe, and the more I use it, the better I function throughout the day.

Exercise helps with my energy levels as well. Even if it's just a 10 minute workout, I'm happy with the fact that I got up and moving.

A little extra sleep helps me too. Even with staying inside, sometimes I just want to take a nap or just a quick rest. Just a little breakaway from everything helps me escape and get a restart during the day.

If you're stuck inside, remember to take some time to refresh and take care of yourself. Taking time to pamper myself always lifts my mood.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed and that this post helped you in some way.

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