How to Get Your Beach Body Ready in Quarantine

Updated: Apr 25

Hello guys and welcome or welcome back to R'Nelle's Atelier! Today's post is all about getting your beach body ready in quarantine.

I love fitness and being active. Being inside has made it a little more difficult to maintain some of my healthy routines as I'm confined in the small space of my home, but I do my best to exercise and eat good things most of the week.

With summer coming up, now is the perfect time for you to meet your fitness goals and glow up while you're at home. Since I've been at home and working out, I've noticed my body change positively from my healthy habits. This post is all about helping you reach your goals too.

What helped me get back in to the groove of working out was YouTube workouts. Chloe Ting is one of my favorite YouTubers for fitness, and she has various workouts of different lengths that target different sections of the body. You can check out her channel here.

A lot of times I'll take moves and exercises that I've learned from different videos and places and create my own fitness routine at home. The other day I did 30 minutes doing exercise moves I knew with small breaks in between and then did 30 minutes of just dancing creating my own choreography, and I burned 500 active calories and almost 600 total calories.

I'm not too strict with my diet, but I try to eat fruits and vegetables daily. I love making fruit smoothies, and I don't drink sodas. I do have dessert on occasion.

If I want a sweet drink, I'll have kombucha or some tea with honey or maybe a little coffee. For alcohol, I like White Claw the best as they're low in sugar and calories and have amazing flavors.

I try not to let the scale motivate me as it can get in the way of my progress. I let my progress show in the way my body changes physically in the way I look and feel and through the way that my clothes fit.

I'm always wearing my Apple Watch as well so I can track my progress, earn badges, and stay motivated.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed and that this post helped you in some way.

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