How to Enhance Your Style During Quarantine

Updated: Apr 25

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog or welcome if you're new!

Just because you may not have anywhere to go right now doesn't mean you can't get ready for future events. Now is the perfect time to revamp your style.

While you’re at home and if you’ve got extra time, evaluate what you want your style to be like for this summer, fall, etc., and get your wardrobe in its best condition.

How do you do all that? Keep reading and I’ll explain how.

My first tip is to clean out your closet. Get rid of what you haven't worn in forever, get rid of what doesn't fit, and get rid of clothing that's not in good condition and that doesn't serve you. If the clothing you're getting rid of is in good condition, put it to the side as it can be donated later.

Next, evaluate what pieces you need. Take inventory of what your closet is lacking. Do you need new jeans? Do you have enough tops? What about shoes? Athletic-wear? What's been on your mind lately for your wardrobe? Create a list.

Evaluate that list. What's priority? What do you not really need? Is there anything on that list you wouldn't actually wear? Are you forgetting anything on that list? Is there anything that can be saved for later? Number it with what's most important on top.

Start planning things out. Look over your budget and what's accessible to you.

I'm planning to do some posts that are finance related in conjunction with fashion, so if you're interested in those, be sure to let me know as well as if you want me to highlight a specific topic.

Create a budget for your wardrobe or what pieces you're able to get, and start ordering them or plan future purchases/orders in the order of importance.

You can also neaten up and repair what you already have. When cleaning out your closet, start organizing the pieces you know you're going to keep. Fold what needs to be folded. Pick up hanging clothes off the floor. Put dirty clothes in your hamper.

If things have holes, sew them if they're repairable. Get stains off things that need cleaning. Iron what needs to be ironed. Remove lint from pieces and pills off of sweaters and pants.

Organize everything to make it easier for you. I like to have my clothing somewhat color coordinated, but I also like it arranged with the pieces I wear the most/my favorite pieces in a section together so I don't have to look for them and can easily mix and match them.

Get ideas for your new pieces and outfits if you need a little help. You can create new outfits with the pieces you already own.

When I need style inspiration, I go to YouTube or Pinterest, and I look at fashion magazines as well for different ways to wear things as well as new and unique pieces.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed and that this post helped you in some way.

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