Cee Cee's Closet NYC Review

Hello lovelies and welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today's post is all about my Cee Cee's Closet NYC first purchase and review. I made a video that I've uploaded to my IGTV and YouTube channels, and below this photo is the full transcription for that video, so be sure to check it out! I've also included some more photos of what I ordered below the transcription, so check those out as well.

As it's the transcription of my unscripted video, it's a little all over the place, so don't expect proper grammar all the way throughout or a layout like my blog posts. This is simply for those who prefer reading instead of videos as well as those who want to read along while watching; enjoy!

"Hello lovelies and welcome back to my channel; it is me, R'Nelle CyRe'. Um, I know it's been a while since my previous video. I don't really have like a video schedule you guys because I mostly blog, but with new products that I'm getting and trying and such, I am planning some video ideas for you guys which is why I have the video today.

So today I'm going to be reviewing my first purchase from Cee Cee's Closet NYC. This is a black-owned brand, located, based in New York City, and they have fabrics from Nigeria and such. So, basically today I'm going to be reviewing what I ordered from them, and I hope you guys enjoy, and I hope I like what I get because I haven't unpackaged it yet.

So, I did take it out of the package it came in in the mail, I'm just going to show y'all the backside so you don't see like my shipping label, but it came in this really pretty like floral bag, it's so cute you guys.

So, if you guys follow me on Instagram you may already know or you follow my blog you may already know that I ordered the, um, this wrap, this headrwrap, and a matching face mask that they launched.

It seems like they do launches every Friday, I don't know if that's like a consistent thing, but from what I've been seeing since following them, they seem to always have a new launch up on Friday's which is very exciting if you're looking for restock dates or new products.

So first it just comes with this insert from Cee Cee's Closet NYC, their little um card here saying don't forget to tag them, and leave your reviews, that's super cute, and then they have this really cute little tutorial card.

So I don't really know if that's a tutorial for like the product photo how they had it, or what, but it's super cute, and they have tutorials on their website as well.

So, the mask comes with these two filters, and it's interesting because they said, I watched one of their Instagram live, and it said that these filters are good for two to three weeks, and I have, I'm pretty sure I have these same exact filters from another company that said like use it like for only four days, so, um, but if they said these are good for two to three weeks, Imma believe them, so it just makes me kind of question if my other filters are actually good for longer, but anyways, I have a crap ton of mask filters cause, y'all, coronavirus, she's still out there. Don't play with her, she is still out there. Don't play with her!

Alright, so, I was super excited for the launch because I, the products that I wanted, they said that they were going to be launching on Friday, so during the week, I kept track of everthing, and I was like great, tomorrow morning I can just get online and order what I want, however, I was mistaken because they do their launches at 12am, 12am Eastern Standard time, which means like, when I'm asleep, so, I thought I was in time for the launch, however, what I wanted to order was all sold out, so I had to get the pre-order but luckily they had pre-order available for it, and it shipped a day early than it said it would in the pre-order date.

It said it would ship July 20th (*should be June 20th*) which was two weeks after I ordered it--it shipped July (*again, should be June*) 19th, and today is the 24th, so pretty, very good turnaround time especially with covid, um, and it came, this is how it came wrapped.

First impressions, the fabric feels amazing. I really want to try on the mask for you guys, but just because it's, you know, been in hands and stuff, I really just kind of, as a safety precaution want to wash it first, but I can tell it's going to look so cool--look at that. Oh, it's going to look so cool.

And this fabric feels so good. It's so pretty, and this is what it looks like on the inside, so you can just tuck your filter in, and it's like feeling it, I can tell, you can look at it that it's going to stay on your face.

They have a really cool, um, model that they've come up here, come up with here, so, it's so cute.

But I am going to try on the headwrap. I'm going to wash the mask tonight, and that way I can take photos of it for you guys with it on. Um, and here's the headwrap here.

So, the color looks a little more, the blue, the the red color looks exactly the same in person, um, on camera, the blue color looks a little more blue, in person it's a little more green than it looks.

I feel like on my camera it looks like it did on their camera, but in person, it's just a little more green, still very pretty.

And it's like, 72 inches by 24 I'm pretty sure, so, super long, a lot to work with, so pretty.

So y'all I already got my hair in a puff, so we gonna, we gonna try to do a style here.

Okay, so, I'm not a pro y'all, but, we gon see what we can do. So Imma try to do some style that I saw online or something. So, alright."

"Okay, y'all, so this is not perfect, it's not perfect, but it's pretty good. I think I did pretty good here, alright, let's get it off my ears.

Alright, and so this style that I tried to do is just a classic turban style.

You guys, I think I did pretty good. I think I did preeetty good. I think I did pretty good.

Y'aaaaalllll, okay, okay, now, honey child. Hon-ey child.

This is hella cute though.

You guys. I think I totally nailed this headwrap. Um, I'm not going to give y'all a full tutorial today, because, it's not really what I'm doing right now, um, and it was hard enough to this as y'all could see--it was hard enough for me to get this done, but it's hella cute though, okay, like.

So anyways you guys, um, oh I forgot to tell y'all how much I spent on everything.

Um, I can't remember how much I spent on everything. I want to say the mask was $28? No. Was it the mask $28? The maks was somewhere around the $20 range somewhere, and I want to say the headwrap was somewhere in the $30 range, I don't have those exact values and kind of don't want to mess them up.

One thing I will say they don't really have a, there wasn't a return slip, in here which would have been nice to kind of like, you know, or some order confirmation to see what I ordered, but not that big of a deal cause I'm keeping everything I like everything but it would've been nice to have that.

So I would say one point off for that, no order confirmation or, you know, a return slip or anything, but I love the wrap, the quality is amazing, it's definitely sturdier than I expected, which I feel like I had a little difficulty trying to wrap it because of the sturdiness, which is really nice I really like it I feel like it helps hold the shape even better, so it's sturdier than I thought, thicker than I thought, and it's just absolutely beautiful in person so, with my critiques, versus what I like about it, I am going to give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars, so they did really well.

I highly recommend Cee Cee's Closet NYC, I'll definitely order from them again, um, so thank you guys for tuning in, and I hope you enjoyed this video, this tutorial, let me know if there are any other brands that you want to see me review.

Currently, um, I'm only really reviewing, like, black-owned brands right now, um, and trying to buy from black-owned brands but especially with reviewing essentially even if I've brought other products, which I have, that have not been black-owned recently, I'm just tryna stick to reviewing and you know, sharing black owned brands for you guys, so let me know if there's any, you know of that would like to see me try, and, what else did I want to say?

I also ordered from this really cool website that has a lot of black-owned products, and I have those on the way, they're a little delayed because of covid obviously, but as soon as those arrive I would like to do another video like this for you guys, talking about the products, maybe trying them out, um and sharing those with you all and doing um a blog post to go with.

So I'm going to do a blog post to go with this video as well, so thank you for tuning in, I hope you enjoyed, and I will catch y'all in the next one, "

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