7 Things to Do When You're Feeling Lost

Hello lovelies and welcome or welcome back to my blog! In today's post, I want to share some tips on what to do when you're feeling lost.

Sometimes life throws curveballs, and just when everything seems to be going right, something unexpected happens that feels like it's disrupting your entire flow.

When things don't always go as planned, it can be hard to stay motivated, keep your head up, and know what to do next.

If you've ever felt that way or are feeling that way now, I hope this post helps you in some way.

1) Cry.

So often people are shamed for crying or having feelings, and that's not right!

I'm telling you right now that it's okay to have feelings and to cry when you're upset, angry, scared, etc.. Feel what you're going through so you can get through it.

2) Talk it out.

Talk to people in your life whether it be your friends, family, coworker, etc.. Share your feelings with someone you can trust, or talk to someone you don't know.

Just make sure not to share any details that would put you in danger and keep important info confidential. Talking is therapeutic and freeing (and so is crying).

3) Go to the park.

Go for a walk, and get some fresh air. Journal, talk on the phone, or just rest.

4) Get ice cream after.

You'll thank me later.

5) Watch your favorite movie.

Wind down, and take time to get your mind off things that are getting you down. Try to enjoy yourself and have a little fun!

6) Listen to music and dance.

This always helps me feel better. It's also a great way to get exercise and let loose.

7) Keep going.

At times, things can be scary, but don't let them paralyze you. Be patient with yourself and take time to rest, but don't be scared of the unknown, and focus on positive thoughts and a brighter future.

Remember that it's okay to feel scared or lost but that endings make for new, wonderful beginnings.

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