10 Tips for Perfecting Your Nails at Home

Updated: Jun 23

Hello everyone and welcome or welcome back to my blog! In today's post, I want to share 10 of my tips for perfecting your nails at home. If you read my post on doing your nails at home in quarantine, then you know I talked about potentially getting my own tools and doing a review for you all.

If you follow me on my other social media platforms, you may also know that my boyfriend got me everything I mentioned in that blog post so that I can do my nails at home. Everything I got is better than I expected, and the level of difficulty was about what I expected.

If you want to know what I've learned throughout my at-home nail journey and things I wish I knew before starting so that I could get the best outcome, keep reading.

These photos are of my nails that I've done at home in quarantine with my nail tools and supplies. The first photo above is my very first attempt (which is not perfect--neither is the one below, but they were very early attempts that turned out in a way that was good to me).

I used gel polish that required a UV light (which I also have), and here are some must-know things about using this kind of polish.

1) Prep your nails first. If you're using nail tips as I did, be sure your tips are glued on strong and that they are filed down to match your natural nail.

If they are not filed down enough, they will have a hump under the polish, and it will be very obvious that your nails are fake. This step is crucial! Also, make sure that the nails are dull and that there is no shine as the color will stick better. Also use a base coat to protect your nails.

My nail drill really helped me with buffing my nails and making them dull, but the drill can be dangerous too, so be careful. Don't apply too much pressure as it can damage your natural nail and hurt, and it can also break the nail tip if you're too rough. Use an old fashion nail file as well.

The photo above is my first attempt at dip powder. This next tip applies to dip powder, gel, or any nail medium you're using:

2) Stay inside the lines.

It can be hard, but take your time and go slow if you have to. Don't rush it. It starts with the base or nail prep. If you've got your base gel within the lines and neatly on your nail, it makes it a lot easier to paint on the gel color as it will follow the foundation you prepped, and it won't outside the lines as easy.

If you're doing dip powder, the nail prep/gel helps the powder go exactly where it needs to and not outside of the nail. If your nail prep or base gel is messy, it makes it a lot harder to get a neat result.

Especially with a base coat that you cure with a UV light, it'll be more difficult to have the color not go outside the lines if your base coat is sloppy because the UV light dries the coat quickly, and the gel color will follow the base coat and run outside the lines in that same messy fashion as there's nothing to keep it in check.

Gel and powder are not like r If you want a good result, invest in the proper tools. Don't skimp out on one or two things as that can hinder a great result. If you read my post I mentioned above, I listed everything you need (in my opinion). When I do my nails at home, I feel like I have everything I need to get it done right.

3) Invest in the right tools. If you want a good result, invest in the proper tools. Don't skimp out on one or two things as that can hinder a great result. If you read my post I mentioed above, I listed everything you need (in my opinion). When I do my nails at home, I feel like I have everything I need to get it done right.

4) It doesn't have to be perfect the first time!

Don't be hard on yourself. Doing your nails is supposed to be relaxing and fun and a way to pamper yourself. My first attempts were not perfect, and I don't have photos of all of my attempts so far, but the more I do my nails, the better they are each time.

5) You will mess up, and that's okay.

Upon my first few attempts, I broke a nail here and there from either not having them sealed properly, having a break in my natural nail, etc.. As a result, I had to get out all my tools and repair the damaged nail. Practice makes things better, so with each repair, I've learned something new to do my nails better the next time.

6) Give your nails a break.

In between sets, let your nails rest. If you do your nails back to back, try letting them rest after your second set so your nails can repair and heal before doing anything else to them. This will allow them to strengthen up before putting them to work again.

7) Watch tutorials.

I watched tutorials on doing my nails before I did them. I watched videos on applying nail tips, filing them down, dip powder application, etc.. This step is very important as I had a good understanding of what to do beforehand. I'd been to the salon a lot, but watching the tutorials helped me get a better understanding of how to do it myself.

8) Make sure you have a comfortable set up.

Whether you're doing your nails on the couch, at a desk or table, etc., make sure everything is within reach and that you're comfortable. It's going to take more than five minutes to do your nails, so you want to make sure you're comfortable for an extended time.

9) Don't give up.

Even if your first few attempts aren't perfect, keep doing it! You can get better as you go with more practice and learn new skills and techniques that can make things easier.

10) Have fun!

Enjoy the process and have fun. You never know what looks you'll create!

As a bonus, I included some nail tools and things for you below. The Kiss Maximum Speed glue is the glue I mentioned in my first nail post, and it is a must-have. It's so easy to use and dries very quickly.

There are also some press-ons if you need to quickly do your nails on the go or want to try some different mediums and methods. If you try any of these products, let me know what you think!

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