10 Things that Lift My Mood

Hello lovelies and welcome back to my blog!! In today's post, I want to share 10 things that lift my mood. I know a lot of us are still in quarantine, and there's so much going on in the world right now. Here are some things that help bring peace to my day that may help you.

1) Showers.

I know this is so simple, but simply taking a shower makes me feel refreshed and renewed. Wash your hair, put on your favorite lotion or perfume, and enjoy the experience.

2) Water.

Sometimes just drinking a cold glass of water makes me feel better.

3) Tea.

Tea helps me feel relaxed, and the warmth is comforting.

4) Dancing.

Putting on my favorite songs and dancing around brings me joy and is a great way to get exercise!

5) Perfume.

Putting on my favorite perfume or fragrance helps me feel sophisticated and fancy.

6) Nail polish.

I like to paint my nails as it helps me feel more polished and put together.

7) Reading.

Reading a bible verse or my favorite poetry or good quotes helps me feel good and inspired.

8) Playing dress-up.

Sometimes putting on my favorite dress or doing my hair and makeup takes my mind off things and helps me feel normal.

9) Writing.

Writing and journaling help me get my thoughts out and give me a break from my phone.

10) Smoothies.

Making smoothies is a great way to get some fruit in, and they are another thing that helps me feel refreshed and rejouvinated.

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