10 Reasons Why I love the Apple Watch

Updated: Apr 20

I love Apple products. I never thought I’d be that person, but something about this brand's technology is comforting, simplistic, fun, and luxurious. 

At the beginning of the year, I decided that I wanted to get back into fitness after a long hiatus. I wanted to stay motivated and track my progress, so I did some research on Apple watches as I knew they could track my steps. I had no idea that the watch had many more capabilities than that, and after a little more research and a product review or two, I went to the Apple store and purchased one.

My reasons for loving the Apple watch are simple. I tell everyone I know about my favorite features in order to give some insight and help out if they’re interested in knowing more about this device first hand. Here are my reasons for why this coveted item is my new favorite accessory:

  1. This watch keeps me on track. I know — this statement is sort of general, but what I mean is that every day, it tells me about my progress of the previous day and encourages me to meet my previous day’s goals or do better. It gives me reminders through out the day on various goals, and sometimes those reminders and encouragement are the only reasons I workout. 

  2. It’s cute. I know a lot of people have different opinions on the looks of this watch — some love it and some hate it. I thought the style was pretty simple. I have a Series 3 42mm, and I almost got the smaller version as I thought it’d look nicer on my wrist, but the larger screen is a lot better on my eyes, and I was wearing acrylic nails when I first got it, so I thought it looked very stylish and neat on my wrist. I started with the black band and even wore it with a gala dress, and I now have the Surf Blue band. Blue is my favorite color, so it helps lift my mood.

  3. I get badges for my success. For different goals achieved, there are different badges which help keep me motivated and get my excitement up.

  4. It’s small. The screen is large enough for me to see, but the watch is small enough to put in my purse if I need to travel, and it’s easy to store when I’m not wearing it.

  5. The charger: it has a magnetic charger; after a long day, it’s great to just place my watch on the magnetic disc to charge.

  6. I can use it to call and text.

  7. I can check my emails, calendar, and heart rate.

  8. You can install sleep apps to track your sleep.

  9. You can install various apps for your daily needs.

  10. It’s super customizable making the watch fit your needs as well as making it unique from others.

Thank you for reading. 

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